About Us

Warm Greetings to Worldwide travelers and Welcome to Indonesia!

Warm Greetings to fellow Indonesian travelers and Welcome to the World!

I’m an Indonesian who is very passionate with travelling. I dream to spend the rest of my life exploring every inch of the earth’s surface. I wouldn’t mind a few trips to the moon and a trip around the milky way as well 🙂

Unfortunately, my big dream is limited to my second world’s citizenship.

I’m not like the Australians or the Americans or the Europeans, I can’t work for a few months and afford A Round the World Ticket, I can’t get Visa on Arrival except in the ASEAN countries, I can’t get Work Permit when I travel to developed countries because their immigration department fear that i’ll enjoy so much of their developed luxuries and become an illegal immigrant.

The realities are: I live in a country where money and social status are the only success indicator, I live in a country where people spend more time being each other’s social judge, I live in a country where intellectuality is undermined by dullness, I live in a country where corruption is a trend, I live in a country where majority of the population is living in poverty, I live in a country where many children have no access to education, I live in a country where basic health service is a luxury, I live in a country where people i know earn $50 a month, I live in a country where those people have a wife and more than 1 children (even 7!), and the worst of all, I live in a country where dreams don’t become reality.

Well, it’s a quiet depressing thought, don’t you think? But honestly, I don’t care about all of those problems. I love being Indonesian and I enjoy problems as much as I enjoy a bargaining session in a souvenir market in Phuket.

I am thankful that my life’s philosophy is inspired by travelling. I learned that some have the facility to travel  first class, many, just have enough luxury to afford the economy class, and most, could barely afford anything at all, so they backpack. Whatever ways, people who are passionate with travelling (read: life), enjoy it, no matter how hard, or how tough it is. Because these people see the most beautiful Indian Ocean sunset, right behind every single one of their life obstacles.

I consider myself lucky because I had the opportunity to live in a developed country over 5 years. It opened my sunset eyes. I know my travel dream may never come, but at least, I can help other people with their travel plan, and you never know, i may even open their sunset eyes as well, and if i’m lucky, i might earn enough $Rp$ to make my dream come true 🙂

My goal is simple: I want to accommodate all your travel needs ~ anywhere, anytime, anyhow ~

I will help you with travel advise, reservations, and making other travel arrangements. I will charge local fee, starting from $4 (IDR 40,000) for a travel consultation or any domestic reservations (in Indonesia). On the platter, I hope I will meet many new sunset eyes from around the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? Get me to take care of you travel arrangements!

Contact: Anna, +62 813 4055 7788 (call or text), or email anna.world.travel@gmail.com

I’m looking forward to good exchange and partnership.

Warm Regards, ANNA @ Indonesia


INDONESIA TRAVEL EXPERIENCE (since i traveled so much in Indonesia, i’ll just give a broad overview)

Main Islands: Java, Sumatera, Borneo, Sulawesi

Provinces: Aceh, Sumatera Utara, Sumatera Barat, Jambi, Pekan Baru, Bengkulu, Lampung, Palembang, Jakarta, Banten, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, DI Jogjakarta, Bali, Kalimantan Barat, Kalimantan Selatan, Sulawesi Utara, Sulawesi Selatan,

Islands/Major attractions/Volcanic Mountains/Lakes/Jungles:  Sikuai Island, Bali Island, Derawan Island, Karimun Jawa Island, Sabang, Pulo Aceh Island, Orang Utan at Bukit Lawang, Tangkahan, Toba Lake, Samosir, Mt. Bromo, Mt. Merapi, Dieng Plateu, Lake Maninjau, Lake Singkarak, Ngarai Sianuk, Bukit Tinggi, Tarutung, Nusa Dua Beach, Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Sanur Beach, Lale Batur, Bedugul, Kintamani


Country: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Philippine,

Cities/Major Attractions: Langkawi Island, Penang Island, Butterworth, Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson, Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Snowy Mountains, Tagaytay City, Manilla,


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